Thursday, 22 June 2017

Keeping it Simple

Lunch the other day ... simple, tasty and on the way to being totally homegrown.

From the polytunnel ....

.... and from the shops.

Soon I will have my first pick-able cucumber, the plants have lots of little babies, and the tomatoes in the grow pots and the hanging baskets are there but they are currently just hard green balls, but soon, very soon the makings of my lunch will be totally homegrown again.

Happy days.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Peas and Fishfingers

Oh look what's just about to bulk up in the net tunnel.

I love seeing the tiny peas inside their pods, a sign of tastiness to come.

Everything is doing pretty well this year, the exceptions at the moment being my carrot crop ....which I think the mice discovered, the humane mouse trap is in daily use and I catch quite a few each week, and the first sowing of radish from the polytunnel which have just gone to seed.  Well it's been so hot in there it's no wonder.  Never mind I have a new pot of carrots in the polytunnel and the next sowing of radish from the net tunnel is just about ready to eat.

Lunch today is some Quorn 'Fishless Fingers' ... they are going to be so much tastier with a spoonful of crushed homegrown peas in a couple of weeks ... but I'll make do with some homegrown leaves and spring onion until then   :-)

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Keeping it Simple

My first few months of eating this vegan way have been a whirl of trying all the fantastic (and some frankly not so fantastic) products that are out there.

It's been interesting and eye opening. and once you start avoiding all things dairy you find out that milk is unnecessarily added to soooooo many different foodstuffs it really has no place in, purely I guess used as a cheap bulking agent ... not good when you are dairy intolerant as I am.  I know literally within minutes of mistakenly eating something that I thought was okay to eat, as the more I have avoided dairy the more sensitive to it I have become.

So now after a few months of trying the manufactured products that are out there along side the few over wintered polytunnel crops,  I think it is time to rein things in and to embrace all that is homegrown and home produced. 

After all this is really the time of the tunnels. 

Both the net and the poly tunnels are in full production, and we can nip out and pull up or snip off whatever we are fancying to add to our meals.  A couple of spring onions, just enough leaves for one sandwich, a radish or four.  For tea tonight I will be grabbing a handful of kale for a simple pasta and kale dish.  Simple to do and totally tasty ... and totally back to my simple home grown roots.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Variations on a Theme

This week the weather here in North Wales has been pretty much consistently lovely, and very, very hot so a breakfast of porridge was not even on the radar.  Just recently I have been over-dosing on toast with peanut butter or homemade orange marmalade, so I decided  with a change in the weather I should have a change of breakfast.

So this week it's been yoghurt on the menu, with a sliced up banana and various seeds ... flax, chia, pumpkin and sunflower ... to which this morning I added a handful of blueberries straight from the freezer.

Yesterdays variation on a theme was lots of grated Brazil nuts instead of the blueberries.

Today, just so I could get out in the marginally cooler air and whilst the majority of the Veggie Patch was still in the shade, I left breakfast until after I had been over on the hillside planting out the pea and bean seedlings into the raised beds, .  Meaning that by the time I got in just after 11.30ish I was pretty hungry ... so I added three of these lovely little biscuits to my bowl.  They were absolutely gorgeous dunked in the yoghurt.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Leftovers Pasties

The other day I had leftover beans and mashed potato in the fridge, I make purposeful leftovers by not always serving up all that I have made for one meal, it keeps the old brain cells working to come up with different ways of using things up and saves money into the bargain  :-)

I gently fried two sliced up onions, four cloves of chopped garlic and two teaspoons of curry powder for about five minutes, then tipped in the beans and mash.

Added a splosh of this ...

... and ended up with a lovely spicy splodge of pasty filling.

Once it was cool I divided it between the rolled out quarters of the pack of ready made pastry, folded the edges over, crimped them well and brushed them all with some almond milk and then popped the pasties into the Aga for about thirty minutes.

My pasties are never uniform in size or shape ... but they are almost always tasty.

Tea for that night was salad and a pasty for two of us ...
... and then tea for the following night pasty and chips.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Pasta Bake, Cheezes and a Cheeze Thief

Last nights tea was a total delicious success. 

I made a pasta bake, using leftover Mediterranean style veggies from the fridge, homemade garlic pesto cubes from the freezer, a jar of homemade pasta sauce from the cupboard and some quinoa pasta that I had bought from a speciality shop to try.  I was going to sprinkle over some vegan parmesan style cheeze, but at the last minute I changed my mind and used a block ...

... of this. 

Just cut into cubes and dotted around the dish before it went into the oven. 

It is totally yummy eaten just as it is straight from the pack, added to salads it tastes like a delicious mild feta cheese just as it is supposed to, but once heated up in the pasta bake and melted nicely it tasted like a cross between feta and mozzarella, gooey and mild.  We were both hooked and ate a pasta bake that should have easily fed three people between the two of us  :-)

And it seems as though my Lovely Hubby is getting hooked on my vegan cheezes, this morning in preference to some 'normal' cheese slices in the fridge he helped himself to the last few slices of my cheeze for his lunchtime sandwiches.  Oh well, luckily there is another pack of feta style cheeze in the fridge if I feel another pasta bake urge coming on  ;-)