Thursday, 24 August 2017

Just a Day's Food

I've neglected this blog badly over the Summer!!

My brilliant plan of growing in the tunnels, posting about what I grow and what I eat have all gone awry.  I need to focus, I need to find inspiration somewhere in between the weeding, feeding of plants and cooking and preserving of food to actually sit down and write about it ... most of all I need access to my computer.

I need to get a grip  ;-)

To try and get me back on track, here's a day's food photographed for posterity and it was bloody yummy too.

Breakfast :  Strawberries, Blueberries, sliced Banana and Raspberries .... I confess to not growing the banana or raspberries myself.  Served with yogurt, assorted seeds and grated nuts.

Lunch:  Violife Cheese Buns with mixed leaves, spring onions and sliced tomatoes ... all homegrown.

Tea: Homegrown veggies in a homemade pasta sauce.

I had some leftover pasta sauce from this bottling session the other day so I made up a speedy spaghetti dish ... so bloody tasty it could be my meal every day for a month and I would be happy.

Ingredients, the sauce and a courgette and an onion , all homegrown.

Chopped and added two fat cloves of Garlic ...also homegrown  :-)

I simply sautéed the vegetables in olive oil for the time it took the pasta to cook and then poured in the sauce and then tipped in the spaghetti, and gave it all a good stir up.  This is one of our large bowls, and it was brilliant to sit in front of the tele watching a film, drinking a glass of ice cold sparkling water and winding away until there was not a strand of spaghetti or a smear of sauce left in the bowl.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

KFC Advert

I hate, hate, hate the current KFC advert. 

You know the one showing happy healthy big fat white chickens running around.  If anyone thinks that the meat they buy and eat from KFC comes from chickens that look this healthy they should seriously think again!!

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Sunday, 25 June 2017

A Promise of Things to Come

This raised bed in the polytunnel is like a promise of things to come, nothing is quite ready yet. 

The tomatoes on the plants at the back are still small and green and nowhere ready for eating, we have just eaten the only two courgettes on the plants on the left and right at the front, so they are not yet in the usual prolific courgette mode when you can't keep up with production without being sick of the sight of courgettes,  and in the bottomless pot in the middle front I should imagine the potatoes are still small and not quite ready for eating.

We are however struggling to keep up with the lettuce, Mizuna and spring onion offerings currently available and I'm going to have to give the chickens a bit of a feast to get the supply under control again.  In this photo that is my large colander ... and that one spring onion gave us enough slices for four buns!!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Keeping it Simple

Lunch the other day ... simple, tasty and on the way to being totally homegrown.

From the polytunnel ....

.... and from the shops.

Soon I will have my first pick-able cucumber, the plants have lots of little babies, and the tomatoes in the grow pots and the hanging baskets are there but they are currently just hard green balls, but soon, very soon the makings of my lunch will be totally homegrown again.

Happy days.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Peas and Fishfingers

Oh look what's just about to bulk up in the net tunnel.

I love seeing the tiny peas inside their pods, a sign of tastiness to come.

Everything is doing pretty well this year, the exceptions at the moment being my carrot crop ....which I think the mice discovered, the humane mouse trap is in daily use and I catch quite a few each week, and the first sowing of radish from the polytunnel which have just gone to seed.  Well it's been so hot in there it's no wonder.  Never mind I have a new pot of carrots in the polytunnel and the next sowing of radish from the net tunnel is just about ready to eat.

Lunch today is some Quorn 'Fishless Fingers' ... they are going to be so much tastier with a spoonful of crushed homegrown peas in a couple of weeks ... but I'll make do with some homegrown leaves and spring onion until then   :-)

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Keeping it Simple

My first few months of eating this vegan way have been a whirl of trying all the fantastic (and some frankly not so fantastic) products that are out there.

It's been interesting and eye opening. and once you start avoiding all things dairy you find out that milk is unnecessarily added to soooooo many different foodstuffs it really has no place in, purely I guess used as a cheap bulking agent ... not good when you are dairy intolerant as I am.  I know literally within minutes of mistakenly eating something that I thought was okay to eat, as the more I have avoided dairy the more sensitive to it I have become.

So now after a few months of trying the manufactured products that are out there along side the few over wintered polytunnel crops,  I think it is time to rein things in and to embrace all that is homegrown and home produced. 

After all this is really the time of the tunnels. 

Both the net and the poly tunnels are in full production, and we can nip out and pull up or snip off whatever we are fancying to add to our meals.  A couple of spring onions, just enough leaves for one sandwich, a radish or four.  For tea tonight I will be grabbing a handful of kale for a simple pasta and kale dish.  Simple to do and totally tasty ... and totally back to my simple home grown roots.