Saturday, 21 January 2017

Bargains ... and Research

Someone said to me when I mentioned I was considering a vegan lifestyle ..... 'ooh that'll be expensive'. 

But I've not found it so at all.  Yes you can go out and buy all the speciality vegan 'fake meats', cheeses and pre-prepared foods, and yes I have done some of that just to sample what's available, but by and large a vegan diet can be the cheapest diet around as well as the healthiest.

There are all sorts of yellow stickered bargains to be picked up not just the sugar ladened fake foods, but if you look carefully in the fruit and vegetable aisle there can be some good things there too.  I picked up these two at the start of the week, I don't usually buy celery like that ... with it's ends chopped off ... but for 13p who was I to quibble, and the Tenderstem broccoli was just what I needed to add to a homemade pizza to up my intake of cruciferous veggies.

Once the temperatures start to rise my vegetables will be virtually free as the polytunnel will once again come into it's own supplying us with virtually all that we need.  At the moment all I have out there are spinach, kale, spring onions and kohlrabi, still in my opinion that's not bad for the frosty days of January :-)

And talking of cold frosty days, at the  moment ... once chores are done ... I'm curling up on the sofa with the two little doggies as my hot water bottles and watching my way through some of my foodie and lifestyle dvd collection.  Yesterday's offering was 'That Sugar Film', which was along the lines of ...

... this much older dvd. 

Instead of eating a diet of virtually non-stop fast food Australian actor Damon Gameau eats the Australian average consumption of 40 teaspoons of sugar a day for 60 days after previously living a virtually sugar free life for three years.  The effect on his health both psychological and mental in just the first few days was astonishing and by the end of the challenge he was a completely different person ... and not in a good way!!

You've got to love a bit of cosy sofa 'research' on these chilly Winter days and with a big mug of coffee and two willing little doggies ... I think I'll do a little bit more today.


  1. Hi Sue! The film that most influenced me to go plant based was "Forks Over Knives" which, I think, is available free on YouTube. I know it is on Netflix. It really emphasizes how much of our current western health issues are deeply related to the types and amounts of food we consume.

  2. Yes I have that too 😊

    I guess I really should build up to watching all of Earthlings, I have only see a long trailer for that and it haunted me for months ☹


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