Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Buying and Growing

Until the polytunnel kicks into action I am buying anything that I have not got stored in the freezer from last years crops, as and when we need them.  Obviously I will always have to buy oranges, bananas and lemons though.  I have tried to grow lemons or limes on numerous occasions but I'm afraid my green fingers don't seem to extend to citrus fruits!!

I can't wait for homegrown tomatoes to reappear or homegrown cucumbers ... we did really well with both of those last year ... and although we have no fresh tomatoes we have lots of sauces that I made with them both in the freezer and in jars in the form of sauces and these are keeping us going nicely.

And merrily chitting away in the cupboard under the stairs are these potatoes,  the last of the homegrown ones from last year.  In the pan waiting to be peeled are the last ones we ate before I sat the rest in an egg tray to chit comfortably until it's time to plant them out.

So at the moment we are heading for the 'hungry gap' in the gardening year, the time when the last of the previous years crops are being used up and, although plans are being made for this coming year, there is hardly anything left to eat that is still growing.  We'll have to see how long our jars and frozen supplies last and see if we need to preserve even more this year., and in the meantime anything we really need will be from supermarkets and markets.


  1. Am delighted to have found your new blog! I'm not a vegan but am trying more vegetarian meals and products every week.
    Traced you down via your reply to frugalinsuffolk.
    Would love to know how many books you have bought this year. Sue

    1. Nice to have you here Sue. xx

      Up to now this year I have bought ONE book, the latest one by Deliciously Ella.

      I'm working my way through all my vegan books, some of which I hadn't even read since buying, so no temptation to dash out and buy any more.


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