Monday, 9 January 2017

Making Changes, Feeling Good

At the moment this vegan way of eating is all so new to me. 

Okay I had been a vegetarian since January 2011 but then I slipped into eating fish at the beginning of last year thinking I needed it for the nutrients etc ....  feeling how I do now, I don't think I did!!

  I am feeling SO MUCH better since I stopped eating all animal products.  My head is clearer, my skin has improved in leaps and bounds and I feel lighter in myself.  Not weight-wise so much, although I did lose a pound of weight in the first week of the year,  but it's more of a feeling ... and it's a very good feeling.

I am currently perusing the aisles of any shops I go to to familiarise myself with product ingredients, and on my travels keep finding new things to try for myself.  These three products were all picked up at Holland and Barrett last time I was in there.  I haven't tried the cheese yet but the Sage and Onion Slices were pretty good in a bun with some salady things, and the mayo is okay but not brilliant.  If nothing else it should help wean me off my usual over-large mayo consumption 😉

I also picked up some liquorice while I was there, it's nice to have something to nibble on in the cinema while my Lovely Hubby chows down on a packet of chocolate sweets ... and I have always been partial to liquorice.  These two particular varieties are very tasty.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not suddenly going to be eating all processed and packaged foods, the majority of my meals are made from scratch with vegetables, mostly homegrown but some shop bought.   I am also eating slightly more fruit than I used to consume, although I'll never be a huge fruit lover.  I mainly have it in my smoothies, along with a couple of satsumas to chew on just to give me the ticks I need on my daily tally sheet to keep on top of the nutrients that's it's advisable to have in your day to day diet.

So to sum things up quickly before I dash out, I am into my second week of not eating animal products and I'm feeling great.  I have found replacement products for some old favourites, some new things to try and some delicious sweet treats ... life's pretty good up to now.


  1. Hi Sue!!!!!! So glad I found you on here!

    I accidentally became vegetarian 2 years ago now. I dont eat dairy as I have had problems with it since birth, I dont miss what I havent had. I eat eggs, so am not vegan in anyway. I am eagerly awaiting pictures of what you eat. I get in a rut very easily.

    Love Sol xxx

    1. I was a vegetarian, almost accidently started eating fish, got annoyed with myself at the illogicality of it, then I started with milk intolerance problems, then went right off eggs. I guess having our own hens meant I was eating them left right and centre (eggs that is not chickens) so I decided to just go for it, join in with Veganuary and cut all animal products out of my diet ....and here I am :-)

  2. Hi again Sue! I am so glad to read that you feel great! I am also not a big fan of commercial vegan mayo but use it when I travel. I like to make my own, either oil based or with tofu. Like most things, homemade just tastes better. The recipes are in a book called "Artisan Vegan Pantry" by Miyoko Schinner. I reference this book about 2-3 times a week it's that good. Take care

    1. Hi, I will have to give making my own mayo a go. Thanks for the heads up on the book, I'll look it out :-)

  3. Hi Sue I'm so happy that I have discovered your new blog. I loved following you on your other blogs.I am currently in the transition stage of going vegan, hence finding this blog will help me a lot, thank you so much Sue. Alana x

    1. Nice to have you here :-)

      We can do this journey together, it's very interesting and enjoyable isn't it :-)


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