Friday, 20 January 2017

The Easiest Banana Recipe in the World .....

The easiest banana recipe in the world .... (well apart from banana icecream which is simply - slice up an over ripe banana, place in the freezer for a few hours then whizz up in a food processor until silky sooth like a Mr Whippy special) ... is these little Banana Cookies.

Just two ingredients banana and oats, although I added a little vanilla paste for additional flavour. 

Simply mash the banana and add enough oats to the bowl and stir together to make a moist-ish biscuit consistency.  Dollop in even sized blobs on non-stick paper on a baking tray, press down slightly with a fork to make them flatter and then bake in a pre heated oven for 15 - 20 minutes.

Not my favourite recipe in the world, and they taste better warm from the oven than later when they are cold, but it's a good way to use up an over-ripe banana .... and they go well with banana icecream  :-)

Recipe picked up from 'Cheap Lazy Vegan' on YouTube.


  1. Truly easy and a good one too. Banana and flapjack in one.

    1. Exactly, and another good way to use up those bananas that go a bit speckly .... I do like my bananas very yellow and fresh.


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