Wednesday, 11 January 2017


It was signing up for this years Veganuary that got me really focused to give this change of lifestyle my all, and for it not to be just some half hearted wimpy attempt to cut all animal products from my diet.  This is the third year of Veganuary (going vegan for January) and at the last count over 56,000 have signed up this year ... wow!!

The Veganuary website has been a brilliant place to go for tips, help and inspiration and one of the best things I picked up was the 'Daily Dozen' sheet, which as I have it lying around in the kitchen is now laminated.

It comes along with little daily checklists that have been invaluable for keeping track of how well I am doing in getting all my nutrients and vitamins etc each day.  I tick off each category as I eat something from it and although I don't get through everything on the list I am at least learning what I should be having, and some days even get closer to the magic 'daily dozen 'and the amount of each item that I should eat. 

If you want to get a copy of either or both of these for yourself or just have a look they are on the Veganuary website as art of The Starter Kit. 

(Bottom right hand corner 'What to Eat and How Often'.  Click on the box and when the new page opens up you will see where to click on the actual documents.  They are called The Daily Dozen Checklist and the Daily Dozen Weekly Planner.)

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