Thursday, 26 January 2017

Why wouldn't we .....

I'm feeling so different theses days. 

I honestly didn't think would be the case ... or if it was going to be the case that it would happen so soon. But I feel lighter in body, mind and more importantly in spirit.  That will most likely sound like pure clap-trap to lots of folk but I have to say it as it's the God's honest truth and I don't give a toss if I sound like a total tw*t anymore.

I am enjoying my food, no more than that  I am absolutely loving it.  Trying new things, re-jigging old ones.  Eating far too much hummus ... but as addictions go that can't be bad ....can it  ;-)

I'm trying hard not to be preachy preachy, but I am learning so much and I'm sharing things I find on my social media travels on my Facebook page, mostly so I can find them for myself again but I'm no doubt driving friends and family mad ... but I don't care, if they love me they'll put up with it I hope.

I'm discovering lots of replacement foods for things that used to lurk in my fridge ... well some still do my hubby has to eat after all... but I don't eat them.

Spread for spread,

Parmesan style cheese for Parmesan style cheese,

cheese slices for cheese slices,

chicken has been swapped for fake sliced meat,
not brilliant but it added a certain something to a salad bun.

Soft cheese for soft cheese.

The list goes on, and I'm sure I'll discover lots more on my foodie shop travels.

' If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others ... why wouldn't we? '


  1. Sue, I've just found your new blog. Hope you are all well! As you know I have been vegan for many years and am so happy to see the heading for your first post.
    There are so many replacements nowadays and they are so widely available it's very much easier for new vegans. Take care!

    1. Hi, yes I am very well, thank you.

      I started this blog at the beginning of the year to chart my vegan journey mainly for my own benefit, but then I decided to let it be public for those that took the time to find it, although I am flying under the radar a little and keeping it low key. There really are so many replacement foods aren't there, although I am having fun finding and trying some of them, the majority of my day to day diet is actually our own homegrown veggies and fruits, but it's nice to experiment.

      Nice to have you here. xx


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