Monday, 27 February 2017

Comfort Food

For the last few days I have been full of a really bad cold and have the energy of a limp lettuce.  Food has had to be quick to prepare, in small portions and be tempting and tasty.

 A couple of peeled Mandarin oranges and a black coffee is a perfect breakfast when I have no appetite, and the vitamin C will no doubt help drive away the cold germs.

Lunches have alternated between bowls of homemade soup ... thank goodness for the freezer stock, and freshly made salad sandwiches with Violife cheese slices and vegan mayo.

I love these sausages and I've have had one or two or more likely half a dozen meals of a sausage butty with lots of tomato ketchup.  It's funny but this is the only thing I ever put ketchup on!!

When I saw these in the freezer cabinet at Tesco I knew I had found another meal idea.  After eating a couple and going into the freezer  to get out another for tea tonight I had the sudden realisation that it doesn't say  'Suitable for Vegans' on the pack.  But checking on the Linda McCartney website I am very relieved to find out that yes they are totally vegan ... phew  😊


  1. I hope you're some way to feeling better now Sue. A good bowl of homemade soup always seems to help. X

  2. I hope you are feeling better. I love the new Linda McCartney range,the sausage rolls are very good, as is the peking duck. Different Tesco's seem to stock completely different ranges, I can't buy the sausage plaits anywhere.

    1. I haven't tried the Peking duck, I guess because I have never eaten duck and I have never really liked the texture of meat so it doesn't appeal to me.

      They don't always have the sausage plaits in our Tesco but they are usually available in Asda.


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