Monday, 20 February 2017

Free Seeds .... and Another Tasty Treat

At the end of last week March's copy of Kitchen Garden magazine fell through my letterbox accompanied by the usual free seeds, this time it was peas, tomatoes and strawberries ... and of course the free elastic band that holds them altogether in the envelope!! 

I throw nothing away!!  The elastic band is added to my stash in a dish on the kitchen shelves, even the sheet of A4 paper that has my address for delivery on is torn into quarters as it has a blank reverse side. it's just used as four pieces of note paper ... ideal for shopping lists or just reminding myself of something ... yes I have gotten to that age where notes are left in prominent places to remind me to 'take eggs to Mum's' etc etc.

These new seeds have been added to the exceptionally large seed stash I now have and will be sorted through later today in readiness for sowing pretty soon.  I am currently working my way around the polytunnel and the net tunnel, tidying, weeding, replanting some of the plants that are keeping on growing and being harvested from, but that are on their own in beds that I need, and picking some of what's left in there either for tasty soups for us or as entertaining and healthy greens for the chickens who are at last coming to the end of the DEFRA free-ranging ban.  Having a bunch of greens to peck at every other day has been a godsend for their health and no doubt their sanity, and I have sacrificed a lot of plants to this cause.  We have more than enough homegrown produce still in the freezer to see us through the 'hungry gap' so the chickens need has been greater than ours. 

There have been other free seeds on my magazines this year, up to now I have had ...

January's edition with a booklet about growing veg and a pack celeriac seeds,

and February's edition with some beetroot, peppers and tomato seeds.

My other subscription has been Grow Your Own magazine.  I got the January edition with some free leek seeds ...

and then the February edition arrived with a free planting guide and a bumper pack of seeds, containing cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, aubergine and tomato. 

Even with just these seeds to sow we would have a good supply of homegrown fruits and vegetables.

  I've found these magazines to be a really good buy.  I got free gifts with both of the subscriptions which more than covered the cost of the year long subscription and have loved having them drop through the letter box on a regular basis.  But with both subscriptions about to end I am not renewing them as I have saved all the copies to reread again this year as each month comes around.

And finally, something really good that I tried for the first time last week were these 'Gosh!' bakes.  They were tasty, spicy and went down very well, the first day served with boiled potatoes and peas and then the next served on a bun with lettuce and mayo. 


  1. I'm thrilled to find you're blogging again Sue. Always interesting and informative. We are hoping to do a little bit of growing ourselves this year and are looking forward to the challenge.
    I have read back from the start and will look forward to reading more about your Vegan journey. X

  2. Cant wait to see it all growing in the poly tunnel. Did you find the Gosh burger thick? I would have liked it thinner. If I buy it again, I think I will flatten them more with the bottom of a saucepan...

    1. It was thick, but delightfully squishably so, they do flatten out well though if you want them thinner :-)

  3. Am delighted to find this new blog. I tracked it down after realising from a comment you made on frugalinsuffolk's blog that you must have started a new blog.
    We are not completely vegetarian but have a lot of vegetarian meals. I'm not sure if I will go as far as being vegan but admire you for doing so.
    I usually love your ideas and am looking forward to trying some of them. Sue

    1. Hi, and welcome, I'm so glad you found me. I'm keeping things low key with this blog but it's nice to see some 'old' friends commenting :-)

  4. George and I finally planted a few of my free seeds from Kitchen Garden magazine during half term. Now have some spindly seedlings from carrots, kale and salad leaves emerging from the seedtray on the kitchen windowsill. Fingers crossed I can keep them alive for a bit longer!

    1. I've not started yet. I now plant later as I've found that late sown seeds romp on much faster and have less chance of being spindly and therefore weaker. But it really does depend on where in the UK you live I have found things vary so much. When we lived in Southern England I would have already been in business with this years planting.


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