Monday, 6 February 2017

Something For All Tastes

I've been asked a few times how me and Alan combine our differing food tastes, and the answer is very simple, apart from Alan eating 'things from animals'  (too long to list) and me eating anything that is not from animals (also too long to list) we eat pretty similarly.

For instance this was our tea the other night. 

The Six Nations rugby was on and Alan being a fan needed something simple to dig into that wouldn't spill if he rose to his feet in excitement, and me being banished to the bedroom to watch Dvd's on the little television needed something that would balance on my knee and be easy to eat whilst I sat back on the bed.

Buddha bowls it was then, and served in our large pasta bowls.

Saturdays bowls comprised of spicy Vegetable Samosas, leftover Cumin Carrot and Red Onion Lentil Bake,  leftover Rice Salad, two homemade hummus' one beetroot and one extra garlicky, and on Alan's some sliced chicken. Salted peanuts were sprinkled on the rice salad for added crunch just before serving and a couple of oatcakes were added for scooping up the hummus.  Alan's was served with a pint of Speckled Hen while mine was accompanied by a nice glass of white wine.

Sunday's match saw us eating something very similar, with the last of the Rice Salad, Red Pepper Hummus with oatcakes, Garlic Bread, Samosas, Onion Bhajis along with rocket leaves and tomatoes ... and with spicy Breaded Chicken Wings for Alan. All  washed down with a pint of weak shandy as Alan was driving later on.

So our way of eating suits us both down to the ground.  Alan describes himself as  'vegan with meat on the side' .... not something most vegans would like to hear but it does describe what he eats perfectly and as you can see from our plates, his meat consumption is most definitely shrinking ... which makes me very happy.


  1. I'm glad you are back to blogging, I used to enjoy reading your old blog. Congratulations on your vegan journey.

    I am the vegan of the house; and as I do almost all of the cooking, everyone else is 90% vegan. My husband increasingly chooses vegan options when he's left to his own devices; and I am sure it will rub off on my animal loving children too; once they are old enough for Cowspiracy, Earthlings and Peaceable Kingdom!

    1. Hi, and welcome. I think that the person in charge of the cooking has a huge say in what actually gets on the plates, and I am slowly but surely cutting back on Alan's meat intake. As in this case ... he would have normally eaten a full pack of chicken slices but with all the other tasty things in his large bowl he was full before he realised he had only had five. As long as he has some meat he is happy, the least I can give him makes me happy and as long as his tum is full at the end of the meal we are both happy :-)

  2. Hey Sue, my vegan friends were here the other day and to top off pasta they used bread crumbs they had fried in olive oil with lots of salt and oregano. And this sprinkled over the pasta and sauce they made. It was delicious, it had a slight crunch to it. And they said it is quite like the taste of parmesan cheese... I dont know if that is true as I have never eaten it. Got to be worth a try right? it was yummy. Bought my first lot of vegan mayonaise. It will have its outing tomorrow night with some chippies!

    1. sorry I forgot to say they called it poor mans cheese or parmesan. I cant remember which

    2. Hi Sol, yes I do this too :-)

      I make the breadcrumbs as a large batch and freeze them ready for use, the same as I do with the fake 'parmesan', which I grate and have in a tub in the freezer.

      Good luck with the vegan mayo, I wasn't that impressed to tell the truth. I might have a go at making my own.


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