Thursday, 16 February 2017

Soup for Lunch

It has to be soup for lunch today.  

Even though the sun came out briefly this morning ... enough to entice me to wash the patchwork quilt and get it on the line ... the icy cold rain came back soon after.  The quilt was brought back in and draped ceremoniously across the front of the Aga and the fridge was raided. Anything and everything that could be thrown into a pot of soup was.  The lumps you can see floating are some leftover boiled potatoes from last night, they made the soup thicker and more stew like after all the other component parts had been beaten into submission by the stick blender.

Now the fridge is almost clear, my tummy is warmer and fuller and it's time to go to the shops to gather in some supplies for the weekend.  It's always better to shop knowing there's space in the fridge and on a full tummy ..... as I remember after last time when I came back with all sorts of weird and wonderful things to try after shopping just before lunch.  😋

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