Monday, 13 February 2017

Yogurt for Breakfast

Sometimes when someone asks me what I had for breakfast and I answer 'yogurt', I either get a strange look or they come right out and say ...  'is that all?'  Well when I say yogurt for breakfast, something similar to the bowlful in the photo is what I am actually meaning. 

Half a large tub of yoghurt, a whole banana chopped up, a tablespoon or so of flaxseeds and a small handful of blueberries, thawed from the freezer and picked off our bushes last Summer.

It's a good sized and very filling breakfast that keeps me going until well after lunch time. 

And not a little lonely pot of flavoured yogurt like this :-)

This is my current favourite yogurt, it's yummy.


  1. Sue - so glad that I've found your new blog - just finished reading through from the start.

    My breakfast is much the same as your's most days, plain or Greek yogurt, a couple of teaspoons of "granola" and fruit - keeps me going through the morning.

    I am not Vegan myself - and I know it's not something I could ever follow - vegetarian perhaps but I love my dairy and eggs and I love to bake so can't ever see giving those up. But - I do find it interesting and I've been doing a lot of reading and watching dvd's about food - both our current foods and historical info - and I think it's important for all of us to be more informed, especially these days. I will follow this new blog with great interest.

    1. H Margie, glad to have you here :-)

      I had to switch from vegetarianism to veganism after realising and properly acknowledging, that the dairy and egg industries are, in most places, the cruellest systems we have. Once you know the facts you can never un-know them.


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