Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A Day of Food

I get asked a lot what sort of food I'm eating now, so I thought that occasionally I would do a simple blog post that shows a days worth of the food that appears on my plate.

Breakfast -

Koko yogurt with banana, blueberries, pumpkin and sesame seeds, grated brazil nuts, flaked almonds and a drizzle of vanilla bean paste.

Lunch -

Lettuce, onion and cucumber sandwich on granary bread with Violife cheese slices.

Tea -

A portion from the top photo of the Cumin, Carrot, Onion and Lentil Bake with a dollop of cashew cheese, a handful of rocket leaves and a sprinkle of chopped pistachios.

They were all delicious ... and all my sort of food  :-)


  1. That all looks lovely. I've only recently started to appreciate cumin as main flavour - roasted veggies with cumin are now a brunch staple. I love it.

    1. Snap ... I rarely used cumin before, but paired with carrots especially it is amazing :-)

    2. Sue look in your a girl called Jack receipe book for mamas jacks chilli (the kidney bean one with dark choc) thats a vegan dish using cumin and paprika and its absolutey delicious!!

    3. Thanks for the reminder Chloe :-)


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