Wednesday, 1 March 2017


I was reading through my Vegan Food and Living magazine the other morning, one of the back issues I think it was ...

...and I came across the recipe for Blueberry and Buckwheat Pancakes

Within ten minutes they were on my plate and being enjoyed whilst I carried on reading.

Thank goodness for a well stocked larder and a large tub of homegrown blueberries still in the freezer from last years crop.  They were delicious.

If you want to copy the recipe you can click on the photo and it will get bigger  :-)


  1. They look lush. I love waffles although they contain eggs, but I use almond or oat milk. I wonder how they could be vegan?

    1. They were lovely, with the hot blueberries tasting like bursts of lush jam as I bit into them :-)

      Vegan Waffle recipe here -

    2. oh my god they sound lush. Off to look at the above link! ta muchly


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