Wednesday, 8 March 2017

New Discovery

Now I have always like peanut butter, most sorts although smooth has always had the edge over crunchy, but I will eat virtually all peanut butters.  I'm not as keen on almond or cashew butters but they have grown on me a little bit recently.  When my supply was running low the other day I called into Tesco on my way back from the cinema and took the time to browse the peanut and nut butters a little bit more closely than usual ... and I spotted this one.

Which at the time of writing is my new favourite peanut butter of choice.

Closely followed by it's best friend ... this one ... which is currently on special offer in Tesco at £2.50 for the large jar (the crunchy version is reduced too) , I feel a little bit of stocking up the store cupboard is called for  :-)


  1. That's my favourite too! especially smothered on granary bread with sliced banana on top. X

  2. I have never really eaten peanut butter, but my son likes it and now there is a jar in the cupboard, I just can't resist a spoonful.

    1. As I'm the only one who eats it in this house ..... I can just stick my finger in the jar :-)

  3. I like the Meridian roasted peanut butter. yum it doesnt have any extra oil added


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