Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Chickpea Tuna

My latest delicious discovery is Chickpea Tuna.

It's absolutely delicious on a sandwich, in a baked potato or just eaten as it is straight from the bowl.  I guess it's been given the 'tuna' name because it does look a lot like a tuna and mayo sandwich .... and has a taste slightly reminiscent of it .... but thankfully no fish have gasped their last in the makings of this  :-)

I got the recipe out of an old copy of Vegan Food and Living magazine. If you want to read it clearer just click on the photo to enlarge it.

Extremely healthy and extremely tasty .... even if it is a little bit messy to look at!!


  1. Sue,so glad you are blogging again and Polytunnel vegan is great. As a newish ( 14 months)
    vegetarian I am loving knowing there is a kindred spirit out there. The recipes you post and your views on the whole eating animals thing have been a real boost to me as sometimes I feel different to mainstream and it is so good to connect with someone who has such passion about their lifestyle choice. I know my husband does not really understand and sometimes I find it difficult when cooking meat for him, but we muddle through it. Look forward to future posts, Tam

  2. I have never heard of this. Off to investigate.

  3. I've copied the recipe and shall be making this - it sounds lovely!

  4. Will have to check this out, always good to find new things for packed lunches

  5. If you add a little minced nori (toasted seaweed, like they use in sushi) it will give you a "fishy" flavor.


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