Tuesday, 18 April 2017

"Where Do You Get Your Protein From?"

I got asked this again this morning 'where do you get your protein from?'.  

In my head the word aaarrrggghhh reverberates round and around but out loud I try and explain ... politely ... it's hard to do.

There is actually protein in every foodstuff we eat with the exception of fats and sugars, so there's no need to panic if you are eating a well balanced diet .

And if you want to ask someone where they get their protein from ask him
.... go on I dare you  :-)


  1. I can't imagine you being anything but polite in response to such questions. 😊 Sadly it's probably the kind of thing I would come out with if I put my mouth in gear before my brain. I'm really appreciating your blog posts at the moment, as although I'm not quite yet at vegetarian status, it is making me become far more mindful as to what I am eating both for health and ethical reasons. X

    1. I do have to take a deep breath now to stop me snapping out an answer, That and 'what DO you eat' are the to most frequently asked questions ;-)

  2. You are very patient. I am probably not a good advocate for veganism as I tend to answer "Sainsbury's" when asked this question. Because it's not really a question most of the time, it's an opening statement before someone tells me all about why they 'couldn't' be vegan themselves.

    1. Now that IS a good answer, I might just have to pinch that one :-)


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