Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Courgettes in the Tunnels

Things are really starting to take shape in the polytunnel now.  This weekend saw me giving both the tunnels lots of love and attention, and it has really paid off.

At the far end of the polytunnel on the left hand side, just in front of the waiting tomato pots I have just planted two Courgette plants, one on either side of a rogue potato plant.

Each one was  planted with an upturned bottomless plastic water bottle angled towards the roots.  Recycling at it's best!!   When the plant gets bigger I will be able to water into the bottle and know the water is getting right down to where it is needed at root level.

These last two photos are actually two more Courgette plants planted in the net tunnel.  I have a total of  five planted 'inside' now and once the chickens have relocated back to Chicken World I will put a couple more out in the raised beds on the hillside ... they wouldn't stand a chance at the moment, if they didn't get eaten they would be covered in scratched up wood chippings from the paths.

I'll be back out there later today to sow some more carrot seeds in the tyres I have just placed in one of the net tunnel beds, so they can have some extra depth to grow in.

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  1. your courgettes plants are bigger than mine! wowzers


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