Friday, 19 May 2017

Leftovers Pasties

The other day I had leftover beans and mashed potato in the fridge, I make purposeful leftovers by not always serving up all that I have made for one meal, it keeps the old brain cells working to come up with different ways of using things up and saves money into the bargain  :-)

I gently fried two sliced up onions, four cloves of chopped garlic and two teaspoons of curry powder for about five minutes, then tipped in the beans and mash.

Added a splosh of this ...

... and ended up with a lovely spicy splodge of pasty filling.

Once it was cool I divided it between the rolled out quarters of the pack of ready made pastry, folded the edges over, crimped them well and brushed them all with some almond milk and then popped the pasties into the Aga for about thirty minutes.

My pasties are never uniform in size or shape ... but they are almost always tasty.

Tea for that night was salad and a pasty for two of us ...
... and then tea for the following night pasty and chips.

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