Sunday, 25 June 2017

A Promise of Things to Come

This raised bed in the polytunnel is like a promise of things to come, nothing is quite ready yet. 

The tomatoes on the plants at the back are still small and green and nowhere ready for eating, we have just eaten the only two courgettes on the plants on the left and right at the front, so they are not yet in the usual prolific courgette mode when you can't keep up with production without being sick of the sight of courgettes,  and in the bottomless pot in the middle front I should imagine the potatoes are still small and not quite ready for eating.

We are however struggling to keep up with the lettuce, Mizuna and spring onion offerings currently available and I'm going to have to give the chickens a bit of a feast to get the supply under control again.  In this photo that is my large colander ... and that one spring onion gave us enough slices for four buns!!

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  1. My courgettes are outside and really producing now. The first 4 cucumbers are about 7 inches long so hopefully I won't need to by anymore for a while. I've just a second sowing of lettuce because I've got do much that is ready now. My daughter's tortoises have done well out of us.


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