Thursday, 24 August 2017

Just a Day's Food

I've neglected this blog badly over the Summer!!

My brilliant plan of growing in the tunnels, posting about what I grow and what I eat have all gone awry.  I need to focus, I need to find inspiration somewhere in between the weeding, feeding of plants and cooking and preserving of food to actually sit down and write about it ... most of all I need access to my computer.

I need to get a grip  ;-)

To try and get me back on track, here's a day's food photographed for posterity and it was bloody yummy too.

Breakfast :  Strawberries, Blueberries, sliced Banana and Raspberries .... I confess to not growing the banana or raspberries myself.  Served with yogurt, assorted seeds and grated nuts.

Lunch:  Violife Cheese Buns with mixed leaves, spring onions and sliced tomatoes ... all homegrown.

Tea: Homegrown veggies in a homemade pasta sauce.

I had some leftover pasta sauce from this bottling session the other day so I made up a speedy spaghetti dish ... so bloody tasty it could be my meal every day for a month and I would be happy.

Ingredients, the sauce and a courgette and an onion , all homegrown.

Chopped and added two fat cloves of Garlic ...also homegrown  :-)

I simply sautéed the vegetables in olive oil for the time it took the pasta to cook and then poured in the sauce and then tipped in the spaghetti, and gave it all a good stir up.  This is one of our large bowls, and it was brilliant to sit in front of the tele watching a film, drinking a glass of ice cold sparkling water and winding away until there was not a strand of spaghetti or a smear of sauce left in the bowl.

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  1. Do you pressure cook the sauces once bottled? It looks delicious.


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